Whispers Without a Shout

The search for individual truth can be a lonely one. We are like giant, complex crossword puzzles made up of a multitude of compartments. When pieced together, we eventually begin to see the whole - our "elusive self."

How do we, as individuals, put the pieces together? What is it that molds and shapes us? Life is full of joy as well as challenges. But, each individual responds differently. One sees life as exciting, stimulating, packed-full of beauty and value, even in the darkest of moments. Others are overwhelmed, stagnated or lost by life's journey.

Whispers Within a Shout expresses the unifying themes and rhythms of life. The icons in my work function as personal metaphors for the world around me, and indirectly, the world within me. Images are drawn from my personal vocabulary, each having a multiplicity of meanings. Through a repetition of patterns, universal events throughout time are exposed. The complexity in my work and the juxtaposition of diverse images reflect the intricacy of relationships and the quest for purpose in our lives. Fragments of the tale are hinted at, but completion is left to the viewer.